desert mum

So I’ve decided to jump on the blog-wagon and self-indulgently write about myself. Welcome!

Why ‘desert mum’? I’ve heard several people refer to the early years of motherhood as being a ‘spiritual desert’. Church services become a physical workout, where one chases their offspring as they do laps round the building. Uninterrupted ‘me’ time becomes very much a premium, making any sort of prayer or Bible study near impossible. It can be tough to keep learning, keep growing, keep drawing closer to God through the haze of nappies, tantrums and vomit – but this blog is my motivation to keep trying to grab those moments when I can think clearly, or where I see a new truth about God revealed through the wonder of being with my kids.

Those of you who aren’t parents, or aren’t Christians, may find nothing of interest in what I write. But I hope I can share a few pics and updates of our family life, for distant friends and relatives – and occasionally, you never know, I might just comment on things unrelated to parenting, where I’ve had time to delve into the news and catch up with events beyond my children…it does happen occasionally…

The dyslexics amongst you might have read this blog title as ‘Dessert Mum’. I’m pretty keen on desserts too. Now and then I might just post the odd winner recipe on here to keep you on your toes and well fed. We’ll see.

Please comment – it’ll make me feel better. 🙂


3 Replies to “desert mum”

  1. Lucy! We just became parents 9 months ago and your words around the challenges of staying spiritually connected and engages rings true! So glad that you have this blog! Send my greetings to Desert Dad and do let us know the next time you are in NYC!

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