5 Replies to “lucy rycroft is ten”

  1. Thanks for this fun, simple and refreshingly unspiritual (or is it truly spiritual?!) marriage-celebration post. I’ll always be ahead of you by 4 years, but I echo the ‘feeling like a novice’, ‘bumbling along’, ‘when’s the bubble’s going to burst’ sentiments. It’s an adventure, that’s what it is, and as long as we keep the fun and the discovery of new things I believe we can cope with most of the outward and inward trials. Here’s to the next ten!

  2. Lucy, I love your writing. You have the gift of being able to write exactly you would talk; a rare gift of communication!
    And, I love the photograph of you both as you are “today”. Your love and commitment to each other really shines through. Happy 10th! xxx

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