Talk about letting things slide, I’ve really let this blog slide over the past fortnight. In my defence, I’ve been having too much fun in real life to remember to blog about it. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

2012 seems to be the year of the wedding – we’re up to no.7 of 10 – but I never get bored of them! Last Saturday we headed down south for the wedding of my lovely friend Anna and the wonderful Ross. In his speech, Ross said Anna had the ability to make even the most mundane of tasks become fun and exciting. That’s certainly been my experience of Anna!

My beautiful god-daughter Esther was dedicated. A lovely service and great party afterwards, with yummy food cooked by my amazing friend Jen. I shamelessly stole ideas from Alice’s incredibly inspiring blog to make Bible story bags for Esther and her big brother Greg.

Of course we spent a good amount of time enjoying the Olympics – not live, unfortunately – but from the comfort of our own sofa. Excuse a moment of mild patriotism here, but didn’t we do well? I really didn’t think we had it in us. What an excellent show, from start to finish, and hats off to the amazing athletes who gave it all they had.

We took the kids to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was great! Lots of beautiful animals – a good reminder of God’s creativity, and that even when I’m out of ideas (see next paragraph), He has more than enough to supply. But mainly we just had a nice day 🙂

I’ve been getting excited about a new venture coming out of our church, Tuesday Tots. Three of us mums will be leading it, and have been spending a good amount of time thinking, planning and praying about it. Ideas are flowing and momentum is building towards our first session which, as it happens, falls on Lois’ first birthday. Marvellous!

Several friends and family have been to see us, most recently Auntie Sarah:

I went to see the York Mystery Plays. It was incredibly beautiful, moving, artistic, historic and powerful. If you’re a Yorkie and you haven’t been, book tickets now (and take a blanket).

I also managed to take a picture of Both Kids Looking Really Good In The Same Shot. Believe me, this is a twice-yearly experience and not something to be sniffed at. Usually, my attempts go something like this:

Or this:

But on this occasion, both kids moved into camera-view, stopped moving and started smiling in the same millisecond as that in which my camera registered the image. This was the result:

Add to this a meal out at our favourite restaurant, the most amazing email EVER from a friend, the chance to meet the new boyfriend of another friend, and even a bit of sun…well, what more could you ask for?!

My first two weeks in August. How did you spend yours?