drawstring bags: an idiot’s guide

I am not a seamstress. But, as described in my last post, my children continue to amass toys with component parts which need to be contained in something. (Manufacturers’ boxes are rarely tough enough for toddler usage). Drawstring bags are the answer! What follows is my easy way to make them. I gathered some ideas from the web, then simplified them to make it a no-fuss procedure. If you’re a sewing purist, read no further. You’ll be disgusted at my slovenliness. But if you need to make some bags with as little faff as possible, read on…

You will need: fabric (preferably cotton or something non-stretchy, but I’ve used an old babygrow before and it worked fine), cord (available from craft shops/haberdashers or pinch from an old gift bag), scissors, thread, needle or sewing machine.

1. Decide how big you need your bag to be. Add an inch or so round the edge for seams. Cut out a piece of fabric which is twice this size.

This is too much fabric for the contents…it made a huge bag! You can use less!

2. Place the fabric wrong side up (i.e. so the side you can see is the wrong side). Make a small cut on each side, about an inch from the top of the fabric.

3. Iron the fabric then fold in the tops of the sides, above the small cuts you just made, and iron them flat.

4. Fold the top of the fabric down so the edge of the fabric is in line with the cuts. Iron flat.

5. Place your cord inside this fold. Leave a short length coming out of each side, and cut to size if necessary. Sew the fabric to itself, so that the cord is now encased in its own little ‘envelope’. Be careful not to sew through the cord!

6. Fold your fabric in half, widthways, so that the wrong side is on the outside. Iron the fold. Sew fabric together along the side and the bottom. Make sure the stitches along the side match up with the cuts you made earlier. Tie ends of cord together. I just double knot them but some of you may know more exhibitionist knots.

7. Turn bag inside out and hey presto! Use for jigsaws, games, PJs, story bags…the list is endless!


3 Replies to “drawstring bags: an idiot’s guide”

  1. Good tip to sew the cord into the bag rather than threading it through afterwards – that’s always the faffy bit!!

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