the little pile of stuff

This is our little pile of stuff. It is kept by our front door, and consists of things Joel picks up when he’s out. It started just over a week ago, on a park trip with Granny and Grandpa, and is now being added to every few days. The significance of the contents I do not know. But they are significant.

The other day we had brunch with friends. Their nearly-4-year-old had a little pile of stuff. It consisted of a small number of large, and carefully chosen, branches, placed deliberately on the front lawn. Al and I smiled when we saw it.

If you have a little person in your house, then chances are you too have a little pile of stuff. Where is it? What’s in it?


3 Replies to “the little pile of stuff”

  1. Dorothy (and Harry as her sidekick) had a “snail nest” in the bottom of the garden a couple of summers ago. It was just a little pile of stuff which got added to randomly with mysterious treasures from time to time, but I found the name very endearing.

  2. I have little piles of stuff all over my house, but they are not in the same league as Joel’s, as I’m trying to reduce them!

  3. This made me laugh. Sara has had a peach stone beside her bed for months – goodness knows where she found it, but it’s not bothering me so I’m leaving it there. As for the sticks – you can’t take a toddler for a walk and not come home with them – or at this time of year, some conkers, various nuts / seeds etc!!! It’s such a lovely season for them.

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