Good Friday all-age service – a resource

Thanks so much for accessing this resource! I’ve recently changed my website so you can now find this article at my new site, right here, complete with downloads and everything you need for a fun, interactive, all-age Good Friday service.

Have fun!

Lucy x

3 Replies to “Good Friday all-age service – a resource”

  1. Hello there, I am so very interested in this service, but when I downloaded the file I only got two pages… I’d love to know the rest. Do you mind reposting it or sending it along?

    1. Hi again Carolina, I’ve just checked both files and both seem to be complete. Did you click on both files? The second is only two pages long (it contains the readings only). The first, though, is the outline for the service with activities, and is several pages long (ending with ‘Copyright Lucy Rycroft’ so you know you’ve got to the end). Have another go and if it doesn’t work will you let me have your email address and I’ll send it to you in an attachment. (I’ll delete your comment from the blog once I’ve sent the email, so that your address isn’t visible for all to see!) Thank you.

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