sabbath week day 4: cake

Today I was due to take cake to Mums ‘n’ Tots. When I signed up a few weeks ago, I hadn’t realised that this would be Sabbath week. And we have no eggs in the house. No problem – I love a challenge.

I started with an easy no-bake treat which didn’t need eggs. Fortunately I had all the ingredients from a couple of weeks back, when I’d hoped to make this particular treat with Mister. I forgot, of course, that as soon as the temperature hit double figures, he’d be wanting to spend all his time playing ball games outside. Silly me. (I don’t know if our garden’s become bushier or Mister’s improved his kick, or both, but I seem to be spending a much larger proportion of my days inside a hedge, retrieving lost balls, than I was last summer. Mental note: get hayfever tablets.)

So, anyway, Mister’s lack of interest in cooking fared me well for making these delish chocolate honeycomb crunchies. And there were lots of positive comments at the group this morning too. Win!

2013-05-01 21.26.54

But I felt I needed a second contribution – the crunchies alone wouldn’t feed many mums or tots. (Certainly not this tot, who spends the first half of Thursday mornings playing disinterestedly with the toys whilst keeping a watchful eye on the cake table, alerting me when the cakes have been laid out and a queue is forming. And, as if that weren’t embarrassing enough, she then proceeds to queue-jump, and stand, drooling, by the table until I catch up with her. I starve her, you know. The only reason she goes to toddler groups is for the cake.)

I turned to the Pink Whisk for inspiration and, lo and behold, an egg-less cake which would fit the bill for the group (no icing, not too messy, not too indulgent, not too boring, no nuts for choking, no alcohol for getting tipsy, etc etc): golden syrup cake. It tasted good – no melt-in-the-mouth quality like egg-rich cakes, but not unpalatable. I was very pleased to be able to use one of Ruth’s recipes – I was a big fan when she was on the Bake-Off t’other year, and don’t use her blog nearly as much as I should. The recipe makes two, so instead of taking one to the group and freezing one (which would inevitably have been for us, hence contributing to our already overly-abundant stock of food), I took everything to the group: the crunchies, and two golden syrup loaf cakes.

Why take one cake when you can take three?

2013-05-01 21.20.18
If you’re thinking you only spy two cakes, that’s because you do – the third ‘cake’ being the crunchies mentioned earlier. Stop scanning and read properly, you corner-cutter.

In the spirit of being generous with what others have given us, I then had lunch with a friend who’s just had a baby, and was able to take a good selection of fruit, veg, fresh bread and chocolate fingers. Tonight we feasted on beef, potato wedges, garlic mushrooms and roasted celery, courgettes and peppers.

Tomorrow, we shall eat like Kings…but you’ll have to wait to find out why.

I will blog more on the unexpected turn in our Sabbath week mentioned yesterday, I will, but today is for cake. I hope you understand.


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