happy birthday, desertmum!

OK, it’s not an exact birthday – but Father’s Day last year marked the start of me trying to take this blog seriously and write regularly. I have no pearls of wisdom to share on Father’s Day this year, so forgive me if I recycle last year’s post, which can be found here. I just re-read it for the first time in ages, and found myself welling up again – if you’re a newer friend of desertmum, do have a quick look! (Oh, and while I’m lazily re-using old posts, do check out a recent short blog I wrote for Childrenswork magazine.)

But this is also a great chance to say THANK YOU! For reading, for encouraging, for supporting. When I started writing this blog, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to write about, but that’s expanded and broadened as I’ve had so much lovely and thought-provoking feedback from all you wonderful people. I’ve discovered that the things I thought wouldn’t interest you actually do – and, likewise, some of the things I was certain would provoke comment didn’t! It’s all been a great learning curve for me, and a great way to organise the thoughts that, during the day, I don’t have much opportunity to share with other adults. (At least, I might get part way there, before a nappy explosion, toy dispute or tumble off the sofa interrupts things!)

I’m sorry the blog’s been a little quiet of late. My life’s been – well, Interesting. And when life gets Interesting, the blog goes quiet! Rest assured, however, that just as soon as I have a moment, I’ll put fingers to keyboard again and share thoughts galore. There’s so much I want to blog about in the next month – watch this space!

Oh, and for those of you who spotted that I was between cameras, I thought I’d share a (rubbish, phone-camera) pic of our new camera, which just arrived!

2013-06-16 21.11.17I have no idea how to use it, and the manual’s in Spanish, but when I find time to download the English version and figure it all out, we can all say a relieved ‘goodbye’ to the dodgy photo quality you’ve come to expect from me. It will mark a new era in desertmum’s life. Hoorah.


2 Replies to “happy birthday, desertmum!”

  1. Happy birthday Desertmum! I have loved following your posts. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on everything from the Gospel to tumbles off the sofa! x

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