sorry, sorry, sorry…

This summer seems to be going at a breakneck pace, and carrying me along with it, so this is a quick post to say a big SORRY. You wouldn’t believe how many blog ideas I’ve had over the past few weeks – but none of them have made it out of my head yet. There’s just not been time!

I think that, at the risk of finding the six-week summer holiday a drag, I perhaps over-committed ourselves, and now find that we’re nearing the end of week 4 and just wishing life might slow down a little! I have no energy to express what we’ve been up to in an amusing or interesting way, so if you’re interested, here’s a bullet-pointed summary:

* playdates. Many.

* park trips. Many. (It’s the UK’s first summer for 10 years, OK? We’re making the most of it.)

* weddings. Many, many weddings.

* making cards for weddings

* practising piano for weddings

* adjusting page boy outfits for weddings

* cooking and baking (but you knew that, right?)

* having people round for meals or nights or both

* films (Partridge and Monsters University, plus catching up with vintage ones I never saw before, like Toy Story 2 and The Incredibles)

There’s more, I’m sure there is, but anyhoo that’s what my frazzled brain can cope with right now. Just about to head off to the final wedding of our summer, after which I foresee a (slightly) clearer couple of weeks, in which you may just get bombarded with 58 blog posts…


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