3 Replies to “creation song for kids”

  1. We used to sing a creation song at the Exe Valley holiday club, which helped me remember the order.

    However, the most useful thing I learned that helped was when someone pointed out that the days are in couplets: Day 1 = Light, Day 4 = Sun, Moon, Stars; Day 2 = Sea and Sky, Day 5 = Fish and Birds; Day 3 = Land, Plants and Seeds, Day 6 = Animals and Humans. (Strictly speaking, the seas weren’t named until day 3, but were created on day 2)

    1. Ah, nifty little memory aid there! Yes the ‘sea’ is confusing…a bit like light coming on day 1 but the sun not until day 4. As ‘sea’ rhymes with ‘three’ it was an easy decision for me when writing this song!

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