11 Replies to “robot party on a budget”

  1. Wow! That is the most economical and interesting 4-year-old boy birthday party ever! So grateful sharing your story :). And you sure about not being a supermom? Hehehehehe ^_____^

  2. Wow! You are so inspirational Lucy! What a devoted,creative,fun Mummy dedicated to the kids enjoyment (and not the windowsills;)) Lois and Joel are so blessed to have u as their mother!! X

  3. ok then Lucy, here’s the big question….

    Given the disclaimer at the end, was it worth it? ie will you attempt the same £60 feat next year? (or just screw it, lets go to Toys r Us?).

    Do you feel deeply satisfied that you reached your ambitious target? Or just exhausted and wondering why you did it?


    1. Hi Andy, Yes I do feel satisfied on a number of counts: 1) I seriously thought it was an impossible feat when I set out to do it (I have spent far more in previous years!) so it was incredibly pleasing to do it! 2) I think the kids enjoyed it (Joel certainly did) which is of course the most important thing! 3) I really enjoyed preparing it too – I love to make, create and dream up ideas (see future blog post!) so actually it was a real joy to think up. I wasn’t complaining about the late nights, just making it clear that I’m not magically able to whisk up such a party in my spare time! Also, as I’ve been preparing the party (and since then) I’ve been thinking that the idea that you choose to spend time OR money on a party is a misnomer. Actually, in my experience, all parties take quite a bit of prep and thinking time, however much money is spent. Most of my money-saving ideas were just cutting corners (eg not buying themed tableware, and being careful on the food budget) rather than things which took lots of time. Ironically, the time consuming things (preparing the robot masks, making the robot costumes etc) were probably ones I’d still have included, however much the budget was. (Robot stuff just isn’t that easy to find in the shops!) Lucy

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      1. PS I forgot to mention that the actual base issue of not spending too much on the birthday parties is important to us too: firstly because we can’t really afford to spend loads, and secondly because we can’t really justify spending loads. And having both birthdays in the same month puts extra pressure on. So, yes, I’m very glad I did them on a budget!

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