simple easter card craft

On Sunday evening, I was scouring the Internet, trying to find some simple Easter activities that I could do with my 4-year old and 2-year old this week – fun, creative things which they could easily manage, and which would prompt us to remember and talk about the Easter story. I found very little for this age!

So here is something we devised instead. It uses printmaking – a technique my kids and I don’t use as often as we’d like, but which always yields beautiful results. In their Easter basket yesterday morning (more on these in tomorrow’s post!), I put paints, Duplo, okra, a cardboard roll wrapped in wool, and some grey tomb/stone shapes which I’d cut out.

And it was simple: the kids decorated the tombs and stones with whichever printmaking technique they liked.


We used Duplo and okra (ideas courtesy of The Imagination Tree – thank you!), and also a cardboard roll wrapped in wool (an idea taken and adapted from An Everyday Story – thanks!) – obviously the end of the cardboard roll got used too!


As did the end of the Duplo block!


And, of course, our fingers!


I stuck them on some blank greetings cards, added some wording, and they will make great Easter cards for the kids to give family and friends this week.




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