8 Replies to “frivolity and depth”

  1. The cake was amazing! Also I think that you manage to do some much with your time as well as being a mum is amazing! I have loads of free time at the moment and still get nothing done! How to you find the time to do anything around the kids

    1. It all gets done at stupid hours of the night, Kerry, that’s how! It is not amazing or admirable! (And everything takes AGES as a result – the playhouse project has taken nearly four months, for example…) I’m blessed to have a few child-free hours each week, thanks to preschool, so that helps too 🙂

  2. Thanks Lucy!
    It’s just dawned on me
    This will be a good way of keeping in touch
    Thanks for continuing to blog
    You need elderflower fritters in your life!
    We make them by dipping in batter deep fried and then with lemon and sugar or sugar and chopped mint.
    Bless you

  3. BOJ! Three words: yes yes, yes! I can’t believe my family have been hiding in our own little Boj/Jason Donovan fan club when you guys had already been converted too.

  4. So clearly I need to start watching Boj! But I can also confirm that the unnamed present is extremely ace and is starting to be populated! Hurrah!
    And I am not even going to comment on the personal space post…cos it is way too challenging!! 🙂

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