pray 4 schoolstart!

pray4schoolstart(Check me out, with the cool text-over-image going on. I am indebted to Addie Zierman and Fotor for being clever where I am not. Apparently, this is a ‘pinnable’ image. Next step: work out how the heck to link up with Pinterest.)

I am not very good at praying. York now has a House of Prayer, and many of our friends are involved: I am therefore surrounded by people who are Good At Praying, to whom it comes naturally and who speak of longing to pray as I would speak of longing to eat chocolate.

But I know that prayer is powerful, and therefore I do want to pray. And, in particular, I want to pray for my son starting school in September, as mentioned in this post. (And did I mention – maybe just one hundred gazillion times – that this made Mumsnet’s blog of the day on Thursday??!! Hello, 15 minutes of fame…)

Many of you have a child, or know someone who has a child, who is also starting school this year. Perhaps you want to join me as we lift our children, their teachers, classmates, headteachers and governors before our God?

If you do, then great – here’s the deal: every Monday over the 6-week summer holidays, I’ll be posting some ideas of what I’m specifically praying for that week. It won’t be a conclusive list, just a sort of general focus for that week. I’ll put a summary on Facebook in case you can’t be bothered to read the full post, and I’d like to say I’ll link it all up with Twitter and Pinterest and all that jazz, but really – can you see me working out that sort of thing in the next few days? Or ever?

Take a look, follow the posts, and perhaps it will kick-start some new prayers in your life as I hope it does in mine. Please feel free to share this with others you know who have children about to start school.

And if you’ve never prayed before – why not give it a whirl? What’s the worst that can happen? There’s no solution to agnosticism like praying and getting an answer 😉

Can you imagine the impact if hundreds (thousands?) of parents up and down the country (world?) got seriously praying for their children’s schools? Can you imagine revival? Or at least a decrease in bullying? An increase in raised aspirations? Better behaviour? Fantastic teaching? Happy, well-rounded children taking part in a variety of creative educational opportunities?

Please join me! The Bible says that where two or three are gathered, Jesus is there. We can’t be gathered physically, but let’s use our combined social media clout to see God’s Kingdom come in our schools! (And of course you’re more than welcome to join in if your child is already at school!)

Do comment, too – I definitely won’t remember everything to pray for, so please add things I’ve forgotten, or even a prayer request for your child/school. I’d love to share the prayer burden with you, and I’m sure my lovely readership would too. Please also use the comments box to share some encouragement with the rest of us. Perhaps your child has had a good playdate with another child who’ll be in the same class. Perhaps you’ve found out about a Christian member of staff or governor. Whatever it is – we want to hear about it! Let’s make the next six weeks a time for mutual prayer and encouragement for our children’s schools.

A small note: my son is starting primary school. Do join us if your child is starting secondary school too! But please forgive and ignore anything I say which is primary-specific. Thank you!


4 Replies to “pray 4 schoolstart!”

  1. Great idea, Lucy! Once I had really become a Christian I began to pray for Freddie, his teachers and peers almost every time I dropped him off at nursery and it really worked – his time there was a fantastic period for him and the wider nursery (thanks God!) Thank you for motivating me to call on The Lord for this next stage in his life – I know you’ll be an inspiration. And by the way, your supposition that you’re somehow ‘bad’ at praying isn’t the impression I’ve had through praying with you. For what it’s worth, remember Rom 8:26: ‘…the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.’ You don’t have to be articulate (even though you are!) God bless xx

  2. Ah you’re sweet! I don’t mean that I’m inarticulate when I do pray – just that I’m hopelessly lacking in discipline when it comes to all that stuff! x

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