pray4schoolstart: week 1

pray4schoolstart1Hello all! Whoop-whoop, cheer and shout, wave flags, blast your trumpet – for today, this blog gets its prayer on like never before.

If you have no idea what’s going on, read this. And then – let’s start praying for our kids as they start their new schools! Pray along with me if you like – there’ll be a different focus each week – or just ignore me! I don’t care, I’m not a prayer expert, and I’m just too excited that we can all be praying together to worry about who’s praying for what!

But – because you’d complain if I stopped the blog post right there, and ask for your money back etc etc (in a fantasy world where this blog is pay-to-view), here’s a little eye-opener into how my prayers will be shaped this week.

I will be focussing on praying for my son, Mister – as the weeks progress, I’ll be moving the focus out more widely to include his peers, teachers, school leaders and governors, and families/community. But this week, it’s him.

Why not join me in focussing your prayers on your child (or a child you know) about to start school?

We could pray:

* for our kids to settle well into the new environment/classroom

* for them to make friends and have fun playing and learning with others

* for them to develop the particular talents God has gifted them with – academic, sporty, musical, arty, culinary, outdoorsy… (aren’t schools SO MUCH BETTER equipped to offer all these things than they were When We Were Young? Oh dear, there’s that phrase…)

* for them to be kind and treat others as their neighbours, loving and including them

* for them to make wise decisions, when apart from us

* for them to remember what they’ve learned about Jesus at home, and learn to apply it in the new, complex situations they’ll find themselves in

Please comment below on what you’re praying for, or any encouraging testimony relating to your child and their new school. Thanks! See you next week!

P.S. I want to make this blog colourful and picturesque – but it’s week 1 and already I’m running low on school-related photo ideas. I’m hoping that there’ll be something school-related each week, which I can snap and put up here – this week it’s been all about the uniform, hence the pic. Next week – uh, a lunch box?? Suggestions welcome…


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