pray4schoolstart: week 2

pray4schoolstart2For those of you who are blissfully unaware, I am spending this summer holidays praying like never before. (Like – perhaps even every day. Or at least in those dull moments when someone wants a snack and someone else is on the potty and the phone goes and the doorbell rings and the dinner’s burning and you just throw your hands up in the air and ignore it all because it seems the only sensible solution.)

I’m praying for my son, who starts the exciting world of Big School this September. (You can catch up with week 1 here.) If you know a small person who’s starting school, why not join me in praying for them? This week, the focus is peers: those who will be starting Reception (or Year 7) along with your child. I’ll be praying:

* for all of the Reception kids to settle in well (good to remember that it’s not just about our own little darlings!), make friends and enjoy learning

* for the kids I know who are starting at the same school as my son – I’ll pray for them by name

* for there to be NO BULLYING, no exclusion of certain kids, no nastiness or name-calling or anything which would hinder any of these precious kids’ right to a decent education

* for none of the children to be anxious or worried about starting school

* for all to discover their gifts and talents, and have opportunities in school to develop them

* for those who know Jesus to shine like stars within their classroom

* for those who don’t know Jesus to have open minds and hearts, and take opportunities to find out more

That’s it, folks. Feel free to add things I’ve forgotten in the Comments section. (This is the blog-equivalent of a singer on stage holding the mic out to the crowd, getting them to sing the songs they’ve paid her to sing. Excuse the laziness. And have a nice week.)


5 Replies to “pray4schoolstart: week 2”

  1. As well as praying for the children, remember to pray for their teachers, Lucy. Pray that they come back from their summer break revitalised and full of energy for the academic year ahead.

  2. Amen! I’m praying that the kids in my son’s new class would form ‘healthy’ friendships – ones which are mutually encouraging and satisfying, seeking to build each other up – never to bring each other down or hurt each other x

    1. Ah, great addition Izzy! Yes, let’s pray for friendships amongst the classmates. Joel’s godmother has always prayed specifically for Christian friends for Joel – that could be another prayer for school. x

  3. Thanks for this! I’ll be following; I could always do with some structure and purpose in my prayer life! I’ll be praying for my own Abigail, and any other child starting who, like her, has autism or another special need that will make it particularly challenging to work it all out and settle in.

    When’s the week when we pray for all the terrified parents?!

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