pray4schoolstart: week 3


Right, folks, we’ve spent week 1 praying specifically for the kids we know who are starting school in September, week 2 praying for their peers – and this week we’re praying for teachers and teaching assistants. They need a lot of prayer – believe me, I used to be one! Remembering the joys and challenges of my teaching career puts this week’s focus massively on my heart. I’m passionate that, if we uphold our kids’ teachers and TAs in prayer, it will have a positive knock-on effect for our kids – and their peers. Let’s get praying…

* that all staff would have a refreshing summer break, top up energy levels and feel motivated to begin the new school year

* that God would give them all the skills and ideas they need to do their jobs excellently

* that God would bless them with plenty of patience and energy

* that they would be freed to do their jobs well, and not succumb to unhelpful pressure for certain grades/results etc.

* that they would build brilliant relationships with all their students – for trust to quickly develop

* that they would work well in the various teams they find themselves in (teaching teams, departments, year groups etc) – for good morale amongst the staff team as a whole

* that God would provide opportunities for rest throughout the year, and that they’d take them (teachers are notorious for being workaholics…let’s pray against this for their good, and the good of our children!)

* that they would receive plenty of support from us and the other parents

We could also pray for specific teachers by name, if we know any of them already – as well as praying for any Christian staff in the school: that they would be a great witness to kids and colleagues alike.

Enjoy your week! (And tell the sun to come back.)

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