pray4schoolstart: 5


Well hello there, fellow desertparents – and, if you’re reading this, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS for making it to week 5 of the summer holidays without ending up in Rehab. Hoorah, we are nearly back to schedule, structure, and a slightly easier life!

And, if you’ve been following this blog over the summer, you’ll know that I’ve been sharing what I’ve been praying for my son as he starts school – not just him, but his peers, teachers and school leaders. As we enter the final fortnight, I thought it’d be good to widen our focus even more to include the wider community surrounding our children’s schools.

This week I’ll be praying for all the families represented by the children at my son’s school.

* that they will be able to provide emotionally and financially for their children

* that they will be supportive of their child’s education, supportive of the teachers and supportive of the wider mission of the school

* that all children would flourish, and that this would have a knock-on effect within their families, particularly those who might be going through hard times

* for strong, happy marriages/partnership, and great parent-child relationships too

I’ll also be praying for the wider community:

* that strong links would be made/sustained with the local church

* that there would be a great relationship with local businesses, charities, and anything else which enriches children’s experience of life, and enriches adults’ view of the world

* that immediate neighbours to the school would only ever have a positive impression of it

That’s it! Watch out for a book review coming within the next couple of days…then I’ll see you again next Monday for the final installment of pray4schoolstart!


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