pray4schoolstart: week 6


Folks, we’re there! Well, nearly. Besides frantically labelling everything your child has ever touched, and stocking up on tissues for whichever day it is in the next fortnight that you turn into a blubbering wreck as you stare, in disbelief, at this little baby who can’t be any more than three months old but appears to be starting school, why not pray along with me?

We’ve prayed these last few weeks for our children starting school this term, gradually drawing out our focus to include their peers, teachers, school leaders and communities. Now, in the final week before school really does start, let’s draw our prayers back to our children, focussing on their first few weeks of settling in, and drawing in aspects of the last few weeks of prayer.

I’ll be praying:

* for Mister’s first day, and first few days – that he would settle into his new environment, find his way around, make friends and develop good relationships with his teachers

* for all his peers – that there would be no anxiety, just excitement – that the class would gel together, forming good friendships with each other and with their teacher

* for me, as I meet other parents, that I would form good friendships too

* for the whole school community as children transition from one year to the next and staff transition to new roles/classes

That’s it. Praying that your child settles really really well, and makes an excellent schoolstart. Don’t stop praying!


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