missy is not so tiny anymore…


My eccentric little Missy is 3.

It’s interesting how you don’t need verbal language to be able to express complete and utter madness – we had a strong suspicion that Missy was pretty crazy before she started to talk – which, if you felt you were left hanging after last year’s birthday post, was the first week in December. (Just like that. Typical Missy – waited till she wanted to, then came out with pretty much whole sentences.) And when she did, her role as the most eccentric member of our little family was confirmed.

2014-08-24 18.13.50

I write these birthday posts partly as a family memento – something for Desert Dad and I to look back on when our kids are grown and we want to remember how they were at different ages. As I look back on last year, I realise, in some ways, that not much has changed for Missy. She is still obsessed with dolls, still loves to be physical (especially in a wrestle with her big brother), still enjoys games (Guess Who being a current favourite) and still loves to draw, paint and make. She is still feisty and determined, cheeky and strong-willed. If it’s a princess party she’s going to, she’ll add her own indie touch.


Diplomatic friends would call her spirited.

But, of course, there are changes. Besides the increased chattiness, Missy can now perform a pretty good forward roll – something she couldn’t do when she was two. She can wee in a toilet. She can write a wobbly ‘Missy’ on a large sheet of paper. She loves to cook.

2014-04-21 16.53.51

She frequently writes, and tells, her own jokes. They’re particularly cute and funny because she insists on ending them with a ‘ha!’, just to remind us how funny they are. Here’s an example:

“Why does an eye go in a banana?”

“I don’t know. Why does an eye go in a banana?”

“Because it’s an ear – ha!”

Oh, and this was the year Missy learnt to do jigsaws. Believe me when I say she can do jigsawsFor two months, around Christmastime, she did virtually nothing else – and now she does them like a machine.

2014-02-06 19.10.45

Missy has her own mind – and follows her own path. I pray this will work in her favour as she grows. But she is also immensely kind and thoughtful. She brings tissues for Mister when he’s upset. When he fell off his scooter and scraped his knee recently, she wanted to pray for healing: “Lord God,” (for all her prayers begin this way) “Mister’s knee get better. Amen”. When a new girl started at preschool, and started to cry when her mummy left, Missy went to get a brown doll (the little girl was of Indian origin) and brought it to her, to cheer her up.

upside down

When Missy was in utero, we prayed for her – and the words ‘peacemaker’ and ‘servant’ came up. I found myself praying that she wouldn’t be a doormat – something often, wrongly, associated with servanthood. I wanted her to grow into a woman who would serve others out of a strong confidence and security in her identity in Christ, not out of fear or low self-esteem. Missy is only 3, and her character has years to develop – but I’ve certainly never seen her be a doormat. I think God might be answering this prayer. 🙂


So, yesterday, we celebrated. We remembered how Missy came into the world, thanked God for her last three years, and celebrated who she is, this eccentric little person who brings so much joy to her family and friends. There were balloons and presents and cards and nostalgia bunting and her scrapbook and old photos and videos and cake for breakfast. Mummy and Missy enjoyed a sunny day in town – more cake at York Cocoa House, a wander round the Castle Museum (questions, questions, questions!) and a play at the fabulous new Waterstone’s bookshop. We were blessed indeed.

And tomorrow, we party…watch out for the next blog post!

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