7 Replies to “five ways to bless your child’s teacher in the last week of term (each of which takes less than five minutes)”

  1. Great reminders. I’m already planning all the heart-felt thanks to put in my card for Snow White’s teacher this week. She moved up with the class from Reception to Y1, but is now leaving after moving house out of the area. She was the absolute perfect fit for my daughter’s first teacher and I want to make sure she knows what a total blessing she has been to our family. Must also remember to sow plenty of seeds of encouragement to the new teacher when she starts in January! (And try not to hold it against her that she is saddled with a long double-barrelled name and unusual title for us all to learn!!)

    1. Ooh, you’ve got me wondering what the unusual title is. Is she a baroness? A dame?! Brilliant that your daughter has had such a great teacher, and hoping the new one is brill too.

  2. Oi! cheeky! 😉
    I hemmed and hawed over how to thank the teachers this term but was delighted to see that the card written by the boy who couldn’t really hold a pen at the start of term did the trick!
    Hadn’t thought of emailing the head…finding her quite a confusing character!

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