so that was 2014…

…didn’t it go quickly?!

As we’re into the phase of end-of-the-year reviews and round-ups, here’s a summary of the blog during 2014. Feel free to click here and there, on whatever interests you. If nothing interests you, feel free to leave, without guilt 🙂

I began the year with a resolution to shed the guilt. I then started a hospitality mini-series. Did I finish it? No. But did I feel guilty? No. Result! I blogged about why open our homes, what hospitality isn’t, the connection between hospitality and generosity, and hospitality and personal space. Months later, I sneaked in a post about what it’s like to have a quiet house.

At the start of Lent, I shared an interactive idea for encouraging our family to pray more for our friends and family. Later, I shared a simple Easter card craft, as well as the ways our family celebrates Easter.

I took a trip back to my old school – first time in 12 years – and pondered on memories, nostalgia, the now and then. I got caught up in the busyness of life, forgot to blog for a while, then caught you up with what I’d been up to – craft, garden makeovers, playhouse building and potty training.

In July, the blog went crazy. Why we’d decided to send our son to a school in special measures seemed to provoke interest – not only with you lot, my faithful friends, but over on Mumsnet, who kindly made it their blog of the day. One day alone yielded 2.5k blog views. That particular blog post has now seen over 4k visitors. I followed it up here.

Back in real life, I was pondering identity through observing my daughter with her beloved doll. Over the summer I got praying for my son, about to start school.

I was fortunate to review some great books this year: The One plus One (JoJo Moyes), Falling (Emma Kavanagh) and Play through the Bible (Alice Buckley), as well as the fab Storytime app.

On the eve of my eldest starting school, I took a look back over his last few years, in the form of a letter to a new mum. I wrote birthday posts for my daughter and son. My friend and I planned a fairy party for our daughters’ 3rd birthdays, whilst my son had a Peter Rabbit themed 5th birthday party – and don’t forget the extravagant bash I threw for my husband’s 35th.

With Mister starting school, I guess it was natural that I would start to blog about school from a parent’s perspective. OK, so the crazily popular post back in July had got a lot of hits – but purely because Mumsnet had backed it. In October, I was totally baffled when something I rattled off in minutes got a lot of views and shares: how to be a great school mum (read: parent!). I’ve lost count of the amount of personal stories people have shared with me, as a result of reading this blog. It has made me blush with embarrassment – but also smile with great joy, knowing that a few more teachers are being thanked and appreciated than might have been otherwise. Wow! In addition, I shared some things I had been learning since Mister had started school and some end-of-term ideas to bless your child’s teacher.

With Christmas approaching, I blogged on ethical Christmas shopping, finding the magic in Christmas, how to write a round-robin, and how to receive an unwanted gift.

Oh, and I joined Twitter.

So what does 2015 hold for desertmum? I may return to blogging about hospitality (in truth, my silence has been because I’ve been pretty challenged by it in real life); I hope to read more, and write more reviews; school-life, and how it’s changing me (let alone my son) will feature more prominently. Perhaps I will learn how to use Pinterest. There will also be one or two surprises in store: exciting things which I can’t yet write about but look forward to sharing with you very soon!

What do you enjoy reading on this blog? What would you like to see more of, less of?

And how does 2015 look for you?


4 Replies to “so that was 2014…”

  1. Goodness, another year gone! Thank you for this lovely round-up of your year – I have both laughed and cried while re-reading your posts. It’s always a treat when Desertmum pops up in my Reader and I enjoy everything you write about. If I had to pick a favourite topic, perhaps it would be posts relating to Joel (what he’s up to, how you’re conveying the Bible to him, his school life) because we’re at the same life-stage with Freddie and they’re such good buddies. But that’s very specific to me and won’t reflect the rest of your readership! It was also exciting to see you try your hand at book reviewing this year and I hope you will pursue this. I look forward to following during 2015 (and hooray for being surprised – I love surprises!).

    1. Oh thank you, thank you for such wonderful encouragement! Now and throughout the year 🙂 Just as you look forward to Desertmum popping up in your reader, I love it when a new ‘comment’ email pops up in my inbox from you! Don’t worry, I’ll continue to be writing about the little man, and hope to keep reviewing books too. I’m very sorry, but the surprises I have planned are both things you already know about!!

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Yes thank you once again for all your insightful comments and observations over the past year.

    I have particularly appreciated your posts of a more practical nature, (such as your hospitality ones). Although, being in the same boat myself, I too would be interested to hear what you have made of the 1st term of starting school?

    Happy New Year


    1. Thanks so much Andy – great to have your support and input 🙂 I’m sure there will be many more posts about school life, and hospitality (and other practical topics) too. I didn’t do an ‘end of 1st term’ post, partly because I didn’t have much to say – and mainly that was because I’d done a half-term post of a similar nature. But expect more updates in 2015!

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