8 Replies to “Nits and the sacrifices of parenting”

  1. Have you got the metal nit comb with spirals down the teeth? (The nitty gritty), it was about £10. Amazingly much better than a plastic one. Isaac had a massive nit infestation once and it was disgusting seeing what was coming off that comb! Also apparently you have to nit comb on certain days to bust their life cycle, we only ever did the nit comb and conditioner on specific days routine, worked for us. He had long hair at the time!

  2. As I was sitting on the sofa just now, feeling a little sorry for myself that my toddler daughter has had me up since 5:20 (and in the night!), wondering how I would make it through the day your post has encouraged and reminded me of the greatest sacrifice of all. It puts the loss of a couple of hours sleep in a whole new perspective! Thank you for sharing x

  3. Oh, just beautiful! (I refer of course to the passage from Philippians and your reflection on it, not the insects crawling through all your hair!) So glad the little blighters have finally skedaddled. Also – you’re not alone in starting every sentence with ‘I could do without this’ – sorry if you caught it from me! These are my words of choice for reminding all around me what a martyr I am! (And here’s the thing – as soon as I do get a bit time to myself, I feel a bit sad that I can no longer whinge!) x

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