10 Replies to “why i threw away your artwork (letter to my kids)”

  1. Haha, brilliant! They’re a prolific little pair aren’t they?! I remember noticing when Mister was younger (and Missy a baby) how much he seemed to draw, then one day I noticed Missy coming out of Grace Tots or similar with a masterpiece of her own and thought ‘ah, DesertMum’s really in trouble now!’ As a parent of a low-output child when it comes to drawing (don’t hate – he’s high-output when it comes to energy, bless him!) I still struggle to afford wallspace to all offerings, so I do empathize with parents of junior Picassos! May you have many a merry day of RECYCLING – woo! X

  2. Love this! I secretly bin (sorry, recycle) lots and lots of pictures and agree whole-heartedly with your stated reasons. Perfectly reasonable – no grounds for complaints that you ruined their life by binning the picture of a cat that frankly wasted a good piece of a4 paper by covering only 1/16th of the available drawing space!

  3. Thank you for showing me I don’t have to feel guilty for not keeping every single glorious item produced by my offspring.

  4. Interesting perspective on this from the autistic 18 year old in our church who loves art and scribbles away throughout the service, but who is also quite happy to tear up or crumple up his own work as soon as it’s done. For him what’s important is the pleasure of making something, not the end product.

  5. Not that that’s stopped his family from turning some of his patterns into rather attractive mugs and cushion covers.. 😉

  6. So glad I am (almost) over that stage…..I made a big thing of framing one piece of art, many of the other languish at the bottom of my drawer (after brief but rotating exposure on the kitchen board). Still not sure what to do about the 3D ones (the pots with holes the 20 meter paper chain, the strange construction made out of egg boxes). Boy is suddenly (and fleetingly) attached to any I attempt to recycle! I am sure there is a meaningful life lesson in learning to let go there, but for the time being, they are staked in the barn, vulnerable to the ravages of the mice.

    Lovely piece.

  7. Absolutely, we’re the same. One week (or one day) pegged to the gallery string, then recycle, recycle, recycle! The advantage of home ed is I can ban felt tips and insist on watercolour. Always easier on the eye 🙂

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