12 Replies to “adoption: our story so far”

  1. Oh Lucy this post makes me weep with joy. I’m so excited to hear you sharing your news. I wish I could go for long coffees with you to catch every thought and feeling with you. Keep letting us know what to pray about.

  2. Hi Lucy and Al

    Thanks for this lovely blog. Hope today went well; have been thinking of, and praying for, you through the day.

    Can’t wait to meet the youngster who will be blessed by joining your family!

    love M&D xx >

  3. Totally awesome news! You are the 5th Christian couple we know of who have gone thro the adoption process or are going thro it in the last 12 months! Praise God that he is laying this on the hearts of his people ! Praying that the child He has chosen for you will be home for good soon. Xx

  4. SO full of joy for you guys!!!!! Totally agree with Brenda – what a blessing for a child so desperately in need of a home to join yours! (Not to mention the lovely church family that will be ‘adopting’ him or her too – blog post on that too maybe?!) Just – yay! x

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