6 Replies to “what happened at ‘that’ school, part 2: setting up a scholastic book club”

  1. Wonderful! Im so pleased you’ve established yourself as a good parent to have around at school (to coin a phrase from a blog post you made when Mister started school and which has rung in my ears ever since!). It’s great that you give a voice to your fellow parents too. I’m on common ground with many parents at your school with regard to how I shop. Out of preference rather than necessity, I like to handle cash rather than make card payments and I buy almost everything under £40 or so ‘in the flesh’ unless it’s something that can absolutely and inescapably only be got online eg books on my Kindle must be bought through Amazon (sob!). I don’t mean to sound exacting or idealistic about my eschewing of Internet shopping – I just like doing it this way because it reduces unnecessary packaging, it makes the bank statement quicker to check at the end of the month (it’s essentially a short list of large wodges of money withdrawn from cash points – I know how I’ve spent it), it brings me into contact with a human shopkeeper/stallholder rather than my computer screen (read: provides more opportunities to chinwag), it makes me less traceable via card payments and therefore less vulnerable to tailored advertising, and there’s far less risk of discovering a problem with an item I’ve bought later on. Interestingly, I also rely heavily on social media for keeping up-to-date with local events – I’ll swiftly unsubscribe from retailers’ e-mailing lists. I am very fortunate not to be on a low income, but I wonder if I represent another subculture of consumers who for the reasons listed above would really appreciate retailers like Scholastic going in the direction you suggest?!

    Now excuse me, payday has landed so I need to go and withdraw some money from the cashpoint and put it to one side so I can do the bulk of my Christmas shopping at a local craft fair I heard about on Facebook. 😉

  2. Yeah good points Izzy! It’s fascinating to hear about your approach to spending money – it’s not something we always talk about it, is it, and yet I guess we all have very different approaches. I enjoy using local businesses as you do, but I guess I also buy quite a lot online which wouldn’t otherwise come from local businesses (e.g. something I’d either buy at a supermarket or online). Would love to hear about the craft fair you mention…!?

      1. Thanks for the invite! I’ve liked York Makers on FB as I’d love to be informed of future events, even if I can’t make this one 🙂 Actually I’m being super organised this year and hope to have bought all our presents by mid November! x

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