7 Replies to “why i’m (still) sending my kid to a school in special measures”

  1. If I was going to swap lives with someone, it would be one of your kids! They’re having so much fun thanks to their open-minded and switched-on parents’ choice of school for them. In fact, I regularly stand in the playground of our oversubscribed middle-class school and wax lyrical to other parents about the enrichment activities, smaller class sizes and engaging approaches to the curriculum which your children and their peers are enjoying. I should add that socially we’re all incredibly happy at this school, a very wide range of families are represented even if it is middle-class-heavy, it’s our local school (next door to our house in fact), it’s well-led and the teachers are positively saintly. But, perhaps those who are in the process of choosing a school for their children would do well to heed your advice about outward appearances. It will probably be the case that the school that has the most need, will be the school that is most innovative and forward-thinking, with much opportunity on offer for your child(ten).

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