8 Replies to “#shetoo – can i protect my daughter from being a victim?”

  1. The NSPCC PANTS campaign helps a lot with many of your points here, especially the one about keeping the dialogue about sex open – and to start early and appropriately.

  2. This is such a helpful response after a very sad few weeks. Thank you. The ‘Respect starts with the basics’ paragraph really helped me. It worries me when I see parents failing to intervene in rough play, excusing the inexcusable, blaming others etc – as an observer you can really feel like you might be bearing witness to the creation of the next generation of #metoos. So I found your point really helpful that if I can get a handle on this with my son now, then I can help him not to feel as outfaced by it as I do, as well as encouraging respect for others. I say this as the parent of a very, very spirited boy who has hurt other children! Our response and how we handle it is everything!

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