20 Replies to “five ways my toddlers are different from yours”

  1. Thank you so much for this. You articulate here everything I want to say when others say that my 2year old is fine and won’t remember life before she came home at 9 months. I want to print it out and keep it handy for when I hear “she’s just a normal 2year old” again.

    Praying for your little ones as they grow and continue to deal with their loss, and you as you support them in their journey.

  2. Thanks for sharing this lucy, I can identify with so many of these points. Have you come across a book called ‘the connected child’? I found it so helpful, especially on the resistance to change and the overactive fear response. Martha x

  3. I loved reading this and can identify with so much of what you are saying. My 5 year old grandson lives with myself and my husband, since my daughter walked out on him. We work through episodes of behaviour that can only be explained by his sense of abandonment ร nd lack of control in his life. It is difficult to explain and for others to understand. Thank you

    1. Thanks so much for your input. Wow, what a tough situation for you all. Yes it is hard work to be loving and constant through it all. But we trust and pray it has a wonderful effect on your grandson as he grows up. Xx

  4. YOU ‘get’ it. And so do others it seems! I have wondered at times over the last 7 years….in the immortal words of Miranda Hart “is it just me?”. Thank you for putting the words together all in the right order -something I’ve this far been unable to do on this subject.

    1. It’s taken two years! And even now I’m not sure my analysis is entirely correct. No doubt I could write an entirely different post on this title next year, and in 2yrs time, and in 3yrs time! But it starts an open conversation, I feel, something to latch on to and work with and adjust if it becomes unhelpful. Thanks for reading xx

  5. Just came across your blog this afternoon, linking through from one of your Home for Good articles. Such an encouragement, thank you. Look forward to reading future articles. This growing a family through adoption gig is tough (we are over 4 years in) and Iโ€™m grateful for a supportive, compassionate, understanding and encouraging community (online) who help me to persevere.

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