37 Replies to “Sexuality, Faith and the Art of Conversation (review – and a GIVEAWAY!!)”

  1. Looks good! Possibly a similar book, albeit from a clearly theologically conservative position from America is ‘Do ask, do tell’ by Brad Hambrick. Have read neither unfortunately as between recovering from burnout and childcare I have little spare capacity.

    1. Solidarity. It took me 7.5yrs of parenthood before I found that spare capacity to read…and now, a year in, I’m loving it! I’ve read some fabulous books and it’s so wonderful when someone recommends or lends something to actually be able to read it! So…patience…your time will come!

  2. SOUnds like an interesting read, please include me in the giveaway! I’ve followed up a couple of your other book suggestions and both have been great recommendations. X

  3. I have this book and am still getting through it! I am enjoying it, but for me having a fictional non-Christian protagonist/ dialogue partner was my niggle – the church and Christians already get flack for not listening well to those we are in dialogue with, so it makes me a bit uncomfortable if in this topic and in this otherwise sensitive and nuanced book the ‘alternative’ view is in fact one that the author has written from his own mind. So am thinking about how that affects how seriously I take the ‘dialogue’ element of the book. But I definitely think it is a good contribution to an often polemic discussion.

  4. I am a Grandmother but thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Already purchased a couple of the books you recommended. I would love to read this one too.

    1. Thank you Lynne! I have a growing number of grandparents amongst my readers and you’re very welcome 🙂 I would be interested to know which of my previous recommendations you have enjoyed as it helps plan my future reviews! Thank you xx

      1. Hi, I am doing the daily devotions “My Rock, My Refuge and I am also reading A Praying Life. Enjoying both very much

      2. That’s great…two of my favourites from 2017! If you enjoy “My rock My refuge” then I can definitely recommend the Proverbs book (The way of wisdom) which I’m doing through 2018.

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