5 Replies to “Could I be a single parent?”

  1. Oh gosh, well done Lucy! You should have let me know – maybe I could have come and helped!

    Single parents are INCREDIBLE, and do an amazing job each and every day! I am rubbish when Martyn is away. He was in Spain on business for a week last summer which rather unhelpfully happened to be the same week I was volunteering at a holiday club every morning. I was EXHAUSTED! In the evenings I just flopped, and Freddie will probably write a misery memoir about how I responded to him when he dared to shout downstairs after bedtime 😬 We were both VERY glad to see Martyn when he got home (I think Freddie was even more relieved than I was, poor lad!!)

    Compare this with a dear friend of mine who works full-time whilst raising two kids alone – their Dad is not remotely helpful. Yet she cherishes every second with her children and never complains. To be with her and her children warms my heart ❤️

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