4 Replies to “Paul Whitehouse: you’ll always be my comedy hero – but you’re wrong about God”

  1. Paul says: “What – d’you think they’ve got the answers? They’re not gonna know, are they? They’re not gonna have the answers.”
    To me this highlights the heart of the issue – when we expect people to have the answers! I don’t. I know the one who does, though.
    This is great Lucy – you’ll have to make it go viral so it can reach Paul!

  2. I really like reading your blog and I really enjoyed your take on this, I always find the comments that atheists make about my faith, quite funny, I don’t live in fear of God’s judgement, I live in fear of not being the person that He wants me to be, but that’s when I rely on His Grace and Love.
    But this “a vicar who doesn’t believe in the Bible”. It made me feel sad because although I didn’t see this programme but I’m probably someone who you would judge in the same way as you judged this vicar. Because that comment felt unkind and judgemental.
    I do ‘believe’ in the Bible, I’ve studied it (at uni) and I do believe that the Bible is the Word of God but I also believe that humans are imperfect and that therefore the Bible can’t be the perfect word of God because humans, with all their imperfection, couldn’t honestly couldn’t write down the perfect word of God because we are fallen. We can’t understand the mind of God and I believe we run a huge risk if we make the Bible the last word on how we as Christians should behave to one another. Christians can make an idol of the Bible when it becomes more important than practicing the Love that Jesus says we should have for God and each other.
    God wants relationship with us, but we are all different and our relationships with Him will be different, fortunately God is big enough to love all of us, in all the ways we need.

    1. Thanks for your comments! I should have elaborated – the vicar in question doesn’t believe in hell. I think my comment is probably justified in that instance! I don’t think, from what you’ve said, that I’d put you in the same category at all 🙂 You sound very sensible!

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