3 Replies to “End-of-term teacher gifts: are they compulsory?”

  1. Ooh, good ideas here, very timely! I LOVE whole-class collections! I’m never organising one again after last time(!) but am grateful to be contributing to one this year. I like that people can then contribute as they feel able, and get something more substantial/useful, but I think what I like best is the teacher has the added blessing of knowing that parents have spent time discussing and planning how to show their gratitude. It’s nice to know you’ve been talked about in a positive way!

  2. Read this just after I’d been trawling through a website trying to find something suitable for Little T’s preschool teachers! I hate trying to find a good gift, but both my boys have been through this preschool and the youngest is just leaving, so I definitely wanted to show my appreciation. Most times I just get the boys to make a card though, on the basis that a) it means more than a generic gift and b) it’s easier.

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