10 Replies to “Identity and Culture – some thoughts from the Living Out conference”

  1. I think you handle this very sensitively Lucy 🙂 I too have many big logs! We all do. But we’re all on a level playing field before the cross. I was amazed by the testimonies of the Living Out team. Such a counter-cultural and sacrificial way of life. I have a lot to learn from all of them, regardless of the fact that same-sex attraction is not the battle I happen to be fighting. I hope my church family will always challenge me to live as sacrificially as those guys do.

    1. Absolutely! All four of them were amazing weren’t they? Such joy, such grace, such authenticity. I’ll be talking more about them in a future blog post! X

  2. One of the most powerful things I’ve heard on this which applies for all of us “being the person God made you cannot separate you from His love”
    I try really hard in all situations to remember my relationship with
    God and what I need to work on, what He calls me to, is not the same for anyone else and work from there

  3. A thoughtful and sensitive ent, thank you.
    I am struggling with reading with the pink background! Is this recommended for dyslexia reasons?

    1. Ha! No it’s not…just one of the WordPress themes I liked. But hang in there…there’ll be a new website coming soon! (Most probably with a white background!) Thanks for reading x

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