Top posts – read first!

If you’re new – welcome! You may get a decent flavour of what this blog’s about by looking at my top ten blog posts (according to site stats).

This post explains the desert mum idea. I like to write about how God is changing us through parenthood, and one way He’s doing this is by challenging us to send our son to a school in special measures. He’s also called us towards adoption, so do read how we got here, and why adoption is not our Plan B. Perhaps the more general parenting stuff I’ve written will be of interest: how to be a great school mum (I used to be a teacher…) or how I don’t understand my child’s play. I love parties, and telling you about them, so you could check out the Peter Rabbit party I threw for my son’s 5th birthday. I’m passionate about creativity in communicating truths about God to small people, for example this excellent book which you should all buy (I’m not the author!), and this free resource for an all-age Good Friday service. Or you could read my tribute to marriage, upon celebrating our 10-year-anniversary.

(Or you may just want to dart about here and there, reading whatever takes your fancy. No worries. Just a suggestion.)


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